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Blimey, it's been a bit of week here on Jersey. Woke up on Monday morning, pulled the curtains and thought:

"Hello.... white stuff.... that's going to be chaos then!"

Sure enough, airport closed, ferries cancelled, schools shut. YAAY Snow Day

Trouble with our little island is that even a small amount of snow grinds everything to a halt. We're not used to it, don't have snow ploughs, and limited access to salt and grit. Added to that is that fact that the island is covered with a network of very small lanes and some short but suprisingly steep hills (think Tirreno-Adriatico). So, even if the main roads are gritted, you can't travel very far if you don't live on main road.

However, we didn't just get a smattering of snow; we got huge amounts of it accompanied by gale force winds. So much snow in fact, that we made the main BBC news, the airport has only just reopened, and we are on Snow Day 3 and counting. Son and I went for a walk along the lanes yesterday, they were blocked with amazing wind sculpted drifts... it was fantastic. I only live over the road from where I work so have been working this week, son has enjoyed himself sledging snowdrifts, but poor old Dad has been stuck at a hotel in Gatwick trying to get home after a trip to Taiwan - he's not a happy bunny :(

I think our Snow Days are coming to an end though. The sun is out, and you can hear the steady drip, drip, drip, as the snow turns to slush. It's been fun while it lasted though.

The other important news in our house this week (well for me anyway), is that I have subscribed to Eurosport UK. I can now watch all the cycling on the computer or the ipad, I am a very happy bunny:D Also, Dave Harmon and Sean Kelly, where have you been all my life???
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