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Bernie Eisel is not going to the Tour... BOOOO Sky
This makes me sad
George,Tony, Mark, Fabs....
Rally round guys, Bernie needs hugs right now.

So, no Brad, no Bernie, No Tom, No Fabs, No Matti...
At least there is Andy and Jakob

Sky tour roster is : Froome, Porte, EBH, Kennaugh, Kiryienka, Lopez, Siutsou, Stannard, Thomas
They'll do the job, but honestly don't know if I even care

just remembered this means no Breakfast with Bernie
*just rocking and sobbing now*

Date: 2013-06-20 01:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
They won't do the job- Berto and/or Andy will totally own and beat them all and now I have a massive sad :(

I totally imagine George being right on the internet, booking his flight to Austria (or wherever Bernie is right now) as soon as he read this and he'll drag Mark with him too so that he can still keep an eye on both of them. Of course, this means poor Tony is saddled with taking care of Cav by himself

Date: 2013-06-20 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Nah, didn't mean win.. just look after Froome, because this is all his fault.. How can he not like Bernie. Bernie needs to be not at Sky. Overlooked for a real Classics run, and no no Tour.. suppose he's doing Vuelta as well now. And where the hell did Kennaugh come from? not that I don't like little Pete, or think he's a good rider... just haven't seen him for a while.

Anyway ... Yes to Andy and Berto kicking ass... in fact anyone to stop the sky train is very welcome in my book.

I don't even know how he must feel. I'm glad George and Mark are on the way over... I'm sure Tony can cope with Cav... who will now surely be shreiking again and insisting Tony gives him his phone back right now so he can talk to Bernie. I imagine Bernie just curled up on a sof... not answering calls. THis will make George and Cav even more anxious. Perhaps they could send Tom or Fabs over to check on him... he'll have to let them in, or they will break down his door.

Date: 2013-06-20 02:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
I was so thinking the same thing about Pete- I love him and all, but no way should he be there ahead of Bernie.
Uh huh- Bernie should go and Brad should go with him. They deserve better

I feel bad because I do love most of the Sky riders that are going, but Froome being there ruins everything

I'm sure Fabian and Tom are there, extolling the virtues of missing the Tour because it's stupid and Bernie doesn't need it and he's awesome anyway and everyone loves him and does he want to get drunk? Then George will arrive with Mark and he'll end up having to take care of Fabian and Tom as well as Bernie and Mark and that's fine, but he will need a rest at some point. And Tony will just give Cav a look like 'I'm not letting you shriek down the phone anymore and you better behave' and Cav doesn't want to argue with Tony

Date: 2013-06-20 10:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
I feel bad too, especially for the guys going... it's not their fault. But I think Sky have made a big mistake (not just cos i's Bernie and well you know..) but GT first weeks are fraught days with an anxious peloton.. who the hell has that road captain exprience to calm it down and keep them going.I honestly think they will rue the day.

Where shall they go? and shall they go together? Have you still got that fic where Brad and Bernie get together? OPQS may be ruled out given that Uran is due to go there. Perhaps they could be carrots ;b

They truly are the best BFFs ever, because that is exactly what Bernie needs... mad drunken escapades with two true artistes of the genre.Perhaps they fix his frnge whilst drunk ;D

When George arrives all three will be sort of slumped across each other, half on and half off the sofa. Tom will most probably be drooling in his sleep. George will sigh and roll his eyes, and get straight to trying to make them more comfortable. He can get a few hours shut eye then, before he has to deal with hungover cyclists.

Lol Tony.. if the words don't work, he will just stand up and hold Cavs phone up in the air so he can't reach.

Date: 2013-06-20 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
Experience clearly counts for a lot and no one on that team has nearly as much experience as Bernie

They should definitely go together, but IDK where yet- it'll take a bit to think about I think, though I'm not sure orange would be a flattering colour on them. I don't have a proper Brad/Bernie thing going on at the moment, but this is making me think that I should perhaps start one soon-ish/at some point in the future anyway

I like the sound of all of that

That's exactly what will happen. I'm sure George has plenty of experience dealing with these kinds of situations- he's known them all for years, after all

And then Cav would get all huffy and probably cry to Brian about it

Date: 2013-06-20 11:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
10 tours against G's 3 or 4, plus two newbies...

Yes they should... after all Bernie did blurt out that it was all about Brad at the Sky team table in the last fic. It will be difficult though.. How about Trek (or whatever that will be next year. They are trying to build a team around Fabs, which would be OK for Bernie. Brad and Andy for a couple of years... Ohhh I don't know, maybe they should say fuck it and go to MTN Quebekha and kick butt for a couple of seasons. How do we feel about yellow/ black?

;) George managed to get all three on a bed and has covered them in blankets, they snuffled a bit and then just curled up together like a bunch of sleepy puppies...

He would, he'd be all like 'Brian, Tony's being mean to me and making fun of me becasue I'm short. But George has already rung Brian to warn him to keep an eye on Cav, so he just says
'No Cav, Tony is just trying to stop you from annoying George or Bernie right now. If you promise to stop shrieking, you can have your phone back".

Edited Date: 2013-06-20 11:26 pm (UTC)

Date: 2013-06-21 10:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com

But that fic was/is an AU and totally apart from anything that's going to correlate with RL events now.
I suppose that would depend on how Andy does at the Tour and then maybe also what happens at the Vuelta. If by some reason, Trek manage to get two GT wins this year, they're not going to want to risk losing those guys in favour of anyone else. Of course there's sponsorship/license issues with that team now and it would be better if Brad and Bernie went somewhere where things were a bit more certain

Of course George then had to spend at least an hour making sure they didn't accidentally knee each other in their sleep or, you know, choke on their own vomit

Then Cav will get all huffy because he just wants to talk to Bernie and Mark and George and why won't they let him? He's still shrieking a bit too much though so Tony will have to distract him with shiny things and cookies

Date: 2013-06-21 02:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
We shall wait and see...

I know, but it's the germ of an idea which amuses me :D

Thinking about it, I wouldn't risk that new team at all.. esp now Becca has to pay JB loads of money... what a pair of w*****s. I hope they just disappear off the cycling horizon after this.

Yes, that is the hard practicalities of dealing with drunk, adult males. I would have them all cuddly, but the reality would be far from pleasant I fear! George is very good to think of these things.

Huffy must be sort of permenant thing with Cav. Tony is very clever, he has indeed produced beautiful litle italian macaroons in wonderfully bright wrappers. Cav has sat down to munch on a few, and is working out what he actually wants to say to George and everyone. Once he has a plan and has practised speaking a low voice, Tony says he can ring. But Tony knows Cav is over tired so will probably fall asleep before he has finished these things. That way he can put off disturbing George and his boys until the morning. Once Cav is asleep, Tony rings George to get an update on Bernie, because he has been frantically worried and upset for him.

Date: 2013-06-21 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com

I have too many ideas! If it helps, though, I am totally writing about Bernie right now. Sure, he's drunk and crying, but it's still him

I think a lot needs to change, for sure, but I don't want all those boys to have to go through the drama of finding a new team so it would be a whole lot easier if the team was the same, just different people running it

George has has plenty of experience of dealing with these kinds of situations

At some point after the Tour, they need to all visit each other, where Cav can shriek over Bernie and Mark as much as he want and George and Tony can relax and probably curl up together to sleep

Date: 2013-06-22 12:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com


YAAAAAY *grabby hands *

There can never be to many ideas, though there might be too many to write about ;)

Oh god no, I ate it when they all have to lok for other teams, because it's tough out there. Poor old VCD havebeen warned already to start looking for new posts next year :(
So yes, team intact.. new people in place.

To be fair, George has probbly been instrumental in causing a lot of them to start with!

That would be lovely... I imagine that will occur in Paris about 30 mins after the official suff is over.

Also Tony is TT Nat Champ... Bernie will be pleased. Now if only we can get Bernie tobe Austrian RR champ..

Date: 2013-06-22 07:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
It won't be finished for a bit yet, though

Definitely too many to write about, but they're nice to think about

Sounds about right

It's not George's fault that he's so awesome people love him and problems arise ;)

I can see that- they wouldn't want to hang sound for very long, would they?

They should have some celebratory sex for sure

Date: 2013-06-23 07:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
I can wait for Bernie

Ah well, stack them up or set them free to roam about your mind planting nice things to think about.

No one would dare blame George, that is his secret.

Certainly not, Cav will already have been waiting for 4 weeks by then. It will be a shriek fest of the first order if they don't meet soon.

Bernie has perked up at that thought. His eyes are still a bit red and swolledn, and the stubble is a bit unkempt... but he thanks for that thought... He's on the phone now, wading through all the texts and voicemail left by a certain Mr C.

Date: 2013-06-23 07:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
Sure you can ;P

Oh, I do have plenty of nice things to think about

And he totally uses it to his advantage

George clearly needs to ignore those early birthday celebrations and go visit Cav to calm him down

And then another message left by George, apologising for all of Cav's shrieking

Date: 2013-06-20 05:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] libs-rock.livejournal.com

A Mapei reunion is on the cards then. Oh there is gonna be fic about this. Sex, cycling, rock n roll. :)

Date: 2013-06-20 10:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Oh yes... see comments above and below. you going t do Velogames Fantasy TDF.. it'll be a laugh

Date: 2013-06-20 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
You also forgot that there's no Chris ;) And there will never be George again either :(

Date: 2013-06-20 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
This is turnig out to be a disastrous tour for ogling etc.
Yes no lovely smiley Chris, but George will ALWAYS be there in our hearts though <3

In other news, because Jakob has not defended his Danish TT title, We (I) also have to face the sight of him sporting the dreaded turquoise skin suit with clashing red shoes... OH Jakob honey :(

Date: 2013-06-20 10:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
At least Cav is still there. Tony too
We'll never forget either of them, but it's so strange gearing up for a Tour and knowing George is not going to be there

That is a pretty sad thing. I feel like I can't be sad about nationals though because Alex was so awesome that he still managed to win and defend his TT title despite the fact he crashed. We've got a pretty special boy there

Date: 2013-06-20 11:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Yes indeedy.

Oh Caz, perhaps Chris will have one more in him... and George will never be gone if we still talk about him all the time.

Also there is no Chris Anker or Nicki. infact no Danes at all on the Saxo team. I don't know how that is going to run in their home country?

Alex was absolutely briliant... can not wait to see him on Monday night on the telly. So shattered on the line, yes he is a very special boy... and this should be celebrated..in fic!

Date: 2013-06-20 11:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
I would love for Chris to go back again and do something amazing, but I don't always get those kinds of things.
It's not going to be the same as looking out for George every stage, though.

I thought there was still a chance Chris-Anker was going to go, but apparently not. If Berto manages to win with Saxo, though, they might be forgiven for not having any Danes

I have a fic with Alex in done, but it's not very celebratory. Someone should do something for him though

Date: 2013-06-20 11:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Oh dear you do sound down tonight. Chris will be back, he's coming for Andy, and he will ride on the podium winning team with him next year.

No that will be strange... but we still have Jens, that's something

Yes, shame for Chris_Anker, he was at Dauphine I think. Was there a problem with Nicki this year? too taken with other Danes... sorry. Yes they probably will... fickle people.

Alex fic is as rare as hen's teeth and so doubly welcome :D does it have a Bon Jovi title?

Date: 2013-06-21 10:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
Just as long as Chris manages to stay injury free in the early part of next year.

In all likelihood, next year will be Jens' last Tour and Stuey's as well and then George and Robbie are already gone and I won't have anyone left that I always looked out for. Plus, Chris won't be far behind, VDV is already retiring and it's going to be so strange without so many of these people racing

I just remember Nicki saying a while ago that he knew he wasn't going to be going to the Tour

It doesn't have nay kind of title yet, which is why it hasn't been posted

Date: 2013-06-22 12:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Andy will make sure of it... he will even be especially careful in bed
I know, I don't want to think about that either... and then the next raft is Bernie, Fabs, Tom... and I really don't want to think about that. I think I shall have to look for new cyclists to follow in the coming years...

You'll get there... you did with Awesome Brad Fic

Date: 2013-06-22 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
I bet Chris will use that to his advantage sometimes

Yeah, I'm not ready to say goodbye to all of those too

I sort of have an idea, but IDK if it really works

Date: 2013-06-23 07:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
You can be sure he does... sometimes he just lies there and gets Andy to do all the work ;D

Let's not even go there... it's years away... *puts rose coloured spectacles firmly back in place*

How about 'Blue Spanish Eyes'
you'll get there

Date: 2013-06-23 07:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] caz-kenobi.livejournal.com
I bet Andy doesn't really mind

It's definitely best not to think about right now

Yeah- I'll get something in the end

Date: 2013-06-20 08:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maddogclare.livejournal.com
Can't believe Bernie's not going - Cav & Tony will have to do all the former HTC representing & fun making!

Maybe Fabian & Tom can help him do a different version of Breakfast with Bernie - one that charts the progress of their Anti-Tour party but still talks about how awesome some people are! And they'll look all rumpled and sexy cause its been a long night & they haven't had any sleep yet!

Date: 2013-06-20 10:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Cav and Tony will do their very best for this task. Things will be helped along by Bernie making the best of things and sending helpful tweets and texts... Best places for a comfort break, where echelons or odd road furniture might occur, correct sock height and colour, smarten your hair up Cav you look like a girl... that sort of thing. He will also send frequent texts to the Grupetto with tips on how to get over d'Huez twice in one day, they are all going to end up like Alex Razi, texting whilst riding ;D

I AM LOVING THIS IDEA. The anti tour party broadcasts will become the stuff of cycling legend Please can they do it in thir Mapei kits as suggested by libs_rocks. Although his might put paid to the rumpled and sexy look.

Mmmmm rumpled and sexy... no one better to pull off that 'just finished having sex' look than those three ;D
Edited Date: 2013-06-20 11:28 pm (UTC)

Date: 2013-06-21 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maddogclare.livejournal.com
Cause Bernie will be DSing from his couch (& Austria)! Thats what everyones power meters (except Sky) are for, getting text messages!

This I would totally love to see!!! But it'll show they were having fun!

They do pull it off rather well don't they!

Date: 2013-06-21 11:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
Bernie will be... he'd never let his mates go it alone, not when he could help. Yes he is doing Tour of Austria... he's like the new Jakob... hahaha

Yes only Sky use them for their true purpose... I loved that Razi photo...

I it can't be done IRL is so should be photoshopped.
Definately fun... woul start th somehing like
Goooood Moooooorning Ttttt Dddddd Ffffff

and then carry on just taking the ickey of loads of people.

No one better, particularly if Tom and Fabs have sorted 'The Fringe from Hell'

Date: 2013-06-22 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maddogclare.livejournal.com
Bernie is a good friend like that! Yes, although he hasn't bad mouthed the team in public leading to it being a punishment!

Oh yes, have you seen some of the Caption This pics on the cyclingnews forums, cause there's a picture of Nibali at the Giro fiddling with his, and Cav to one side doing the same - you know they're totally playing games & txting/tweeting!

Photoshop is awesome (not that I can use it!)

You forgot the hic & giggles that would come after!!!

Although Tom has something strange going on with his hair aswell! Fabian needs to teach them both a bit of hair style! (They've got the stubble down)

Date: 2013-06-23 08:15 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
He is the best. This is sadly true... I bet he's said plenty in private though. Hmm yeees, but he wasn't being a meanie pants... jusy his usual honest self.

No I haven't ... scurries off to find them...

I can use it, but not to do clever things like that. Shame

LOL, they would be there for sure, and then they'd keep interupting each other and go off on tangents and stuff.

Now you come to mention it he has hasn't he? It's all a bit 'high' on his head. Yes Fabs needs to get busy.

Date: 2013-06-24 06:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] maddogclare.livejournal.com
I bet Fabian & Tom will hear a lot of whinging, and then they'll get him drunk & he'll be happy!

If I could be bothered I could probably work it out but I can't so there!

But it would be absolutely hilarious to see!!

Well he has a bit of time spare now, so come on Fabs sort those boys out!!

Date: 2013-06-20 10:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] laura-anne.livejournal.com
It is a sad loss but I will be entertaining myself by imagining what he's going to get up to with Tom and Fabs when the eyes of the world are on the Tour...

Date: 2013-06-20 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] flipping-elves.livejournal.com
You could entertain all of us with those imaginings ;D
Fic? pretty please *flutter eyelashes*


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