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Take a look at the vid and say chapeau to every single rider who attempted yesterdays race.

In case the embed doesn't work... here is the link
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A rude awakenening at 6am, saw us back on the ferry for 7.30.  This time we were sailing to Grainville as part of an orgnised bus trip to see the time trial.

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It's going to be strange tomorrow to have to go back to work, and not back to the tour.  I proper loved it, and can't wait to do it all again.. next year in Yorkshire.
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10am on Tues morning and I was so excited I was practically skipping, my first  live cycling in an age, and my first live Tour de France stage EVER!

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Next stop Stage 11...
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This just in from Team Astana... Tenerife training crash
Sounded pretty scary but it could have been so much worse,  hope all three are OK
Will be a blow to loose Bazayev
Not ideal prep :((((
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Had a spare half hour today so decided to check up to see who's racing what.  Can't put them all down, so here's who caught my eye.  Warning: personal bias will be an issue :)

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Matti Breschel article here, photos here. These are courtsey of the very lovely Dancing on the Pedals blog.  I am soo jealous.

Fun Bernie short clip of the day here. It's bongotastic, but who is he playing with on?

We've all marvelled at Fabian Cancellara and all the other top finishing riders at Paris Roubaix this year.  But sometimes the real heroics take place at the back of the peloton.  Read this beautiful Rouleur article about the Lanterne Rouge at this year's race.  It's why I love cycling and I would like to say bravo to Chris Juul Jensen from TST. His tweeting is funny too. Lastly, here's a video about all those who didn't quite make it through Hell this year. It's sad and evocative, but also a a bit creepy.
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OMG epic race. So much more exciting than RVV last week. Here is my top 10

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Mar. 17th, 2013 03:04 am
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Cav did an ad hoc 10 min twitter Q and A yesterday. This was one of the questions

My little heart is singing, they are soon the phone ALL the time.
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1. The knocking of Team Sky.  I may not always like their style, but I do believe they are clean.  And no, that is not just because I am English speaking, or that they are an English team, or that I wear rose coloured glases, or that I am a fan girl whose views must therefore be suspect.The sight of lycra has not addled my brain!

2. The bullying of Andy Schleck.  He has problems and demons to face.  Give him the privacy and space he need to do this, and give him respect for trying.

OK, off my soapbox now
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OK, Andy Schleck is back on a bike today at the GP Camaiore. Come on everyone send the guy some good, positive vibes - we need him back on bike and cycling well. Well, back on his bike for a whole day would be a good start.

ETA 13.55. Andy has been dropped by the peloton, but he's still there on his bike with 20km to go. Come on Andy, you can do it.

ETA 15.00. Rumour has it, Andy has completed. Still waiting for the official results but I'm calling it now.
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Anyone that read my entry on stage 6 of the Tour of Qatar yesterday, would have noticed that there was little Bernie news...very strange for me :)

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I am a bit :( because I didn't manage to share any of stage 6 with the lovely people at Aljazeera Sport; my lunch hour got changed at the last minute.

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I'm *sneaky peaking* whilst working from home.

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Proper Official results found here, and will probably tell you all you need to know without reading my rubbish.

Oh my

Jan. 5th, 2013 09:37 pm
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Merry Christmas Everyone

I hope you have a Fabulous Festive Season

DAY 24

Just in case you didn't guess who would be behind the last door, it's.....

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DAY 22

Olympics on the road....
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