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Bernie Eisel is not going to the Tour... BOOOO Sky
This makes me sad
George,Tony, Mark, Fabs....
Rally round guys, Bernie needs hugs right now.

So, no Brad, no Bernie, No Tom, No Fabs, No Matti...
At least there is Andy and Jakob

Sky tour roster is : Froome, Porte, EBH, Kennaugh, Kiryienka, Lopez, Siutsou, Stannard, Thomas
They'll do the job, but honestly don't know if I even care

just remembered this means no Breakfast with Bernie
*just rocking and sobbing now*
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Matti Breschel article here, photos here. These are courtsey of the very lovely Dancing on the Pedals blog.  I am soo jealous.

Fun Bernie short clip of the day here. It's bongotastic, but who is he playing with on?

We've all marvelled at Fabian Cancellara and all the other top finishing riders at Paris Roubaix this year.  But sometimes the real heroics take place at the back of the peloton.  Read this beautiful Rouleur article about the Lanterne Rouge at this year's race.  It's why I love cycling and I would like to say bravo to Chris Juul Jensen from TST. His tweeting is funny too. Lastly, here's a video about all those who didn't quite make it through Hell this year. It's sad and evocative, but also a a bit creepy.
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Anyone that read my entry on stage 6 of the Tour of Qatar yesterday, would have noticed that there was little Bernie news...very strange for me :)

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Snagged from the Team Sky Facebook photos.  All the cyclists held up words to make a special message to the fans.

This is Bernie... kismet

Love the goofy smile.

The whole message is here.

Roll on 22nd jan for TDU, it will be nice to have some actual racing to talk about.

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I have spent some time over the weekend getting some background info on Bernie Eisel for a fic I may attempt to write.

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